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Welcome to Vizual Property Care

Every day, more and more organisations are making use of Vizual Property Care’s services, relying on Vizual Property Care to make their business work. We are recognised for our in-depth understanding of our customers’ businesses and our ability to manage and deliver complex integrated cleaning solutions.

Grown from a zero base in 2005, Vizual Property Care now employs hundreds of employees and is one of the most recognisable brands in the services industry. Vizual Property Care’s growth has been both organic and strategic, and we have built  a business which today provides specialist support services to a wide range of organisations.

With our innovative ideas, and talented people to provide unique service solutions, we’ve proven that we enhance working environments, increase productivity and reduce costs without compromising safety, even in the most complex workplaces. The result of this approach is a more efficient and more flexible service every time. We clean across a vast range of markets and facilities, and our in-house expertise and capability extends over many years in the industry, with proven track records.

We will ensure that you invest well in the cleanliness of your facility, put your hard-earned money to good use and ensure a high standard of service delivery every time.

You will “See the Difference”


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