Hygiene & Pest Control

General hygiene is one of the most important factors for employees and customers. Apart from being healthy, the use of public ablutions is always a sensitive a personal matter. We at Vizual Property Care provides the commercial and retail sector to overcome this fear and insure that public hygiene facilities is up to the highest of standard.
Our range of washroom service units are maintained, serviced and replenished to give our customers peace of mind that their washroom hygiene is taken care of.

Our extensive range of quality washroom products includes:

  • Soap dispensers – hand hygiene with a range of soaps and foam for washing of hands
  • Safe seat dispensers – protects customers from harmful bacteria on toilet seats
  • Air freshener dispensers– ensuring that the ablutions has a fresh and well coming feel
  • Warm Hand dryers – a range of that will suit your budgetary needs
  • Paper towel dispensers – automatic or manual dispensing options
  • Femcare bins – hygiene equipment for feminine hygiene needs
  • Sanitiser dispensers– hygiene for toilets and urinals by using the continuous dispensing method
  • Toilet tissue dispensers – manual dispensing option with a range that will suit your budgetary needs
  • Deep cleaning – cleaning those hard to get places that is often neglected in urinals, shower drains, toilet pans and rims, cleaning of kitchen drains and hand basins

Pest Control

  • Technicians and remedies registered with Department of Agriculture (Act 36/1947)
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Point) compliant processes for Food Safety requirements
  • SABS approved products
  • Documentation and support for health inspection authorities
  • Application of newest technology, latest products and trends globally
  • Registered with the PCSIB (Pest Control Services Industries Board) and/or PMA (Pest Management Academy)
  • Members of SAPCA (SA Pest Control Association)
  • Affiliated membership with NPMA (National Pest Managers Association Inc – INTERNATIONAL


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